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Of Pride and Prejudice by Aonon Of Pride and Prejudice :iconaonon:Aonon 73 10 Your Arguments are Invalid by Aonon Your Arguments are Invalid :iconaonon:Aonon 85 99
Deflecting - Bilbo x Reader
"(Y/n), pardon me for minding your business. But I need to get this out of my system, I still fail to see how could you lay eyes on a dwarf. Especially Thorin!" whispered Bilbo while on another of those infamous long walks that seemed endless.
The lot of you have been walking in circles for hours and it seemed you were headed nowhere. Thorin stopped for a moment, which gave you all a few minutes of rest. He had trouble concentrating. Constantly he shook his head to shoo away THOSE thoughts from his mind. He was preoccupied with map in hand, trying to figure it out. But he would not admit to it or even hand it over.
"Please, don't tell me we are lost again!" Protested Kili, still resentful about the whole hooting business of a few days ago.
"Most probably!" Reaffirmed Fili. 
"We are never going to meet with Gandalf, are we?" asked Ori with eyes cast down and tired.
"I know what I am doing. All I ask is to be given just a moment." Said Thorin stubbornly, refusing to admit they were
:iconfaerietopia:Faerietopia 127 68
America x Emotionless!Reader: Never Again
"Don't. You. Dare."
"Alfred (Name) has a crush on you! She loved you for so long!" You felt your heart stop, your friends knew that you liked him and one of them just had to tell him. Alfred shot a confused look and started to realize what (Friend Name) meant.
"Eww I don't like her back she's ugly." You looked away after he said that, no you weren't crying. Since you thought that it would portray you as weak and emotional. Soon Alfred left to go back with his group. And your friends were smiling. While you thought of nothing.
It's been a few months since that happened, and after two years of liking him you got over him. Though he was still nice to you, thank god. But you thought he didn't find you appealing, so you didn't try to persuade him like some hopeless person. Sometimes he would tease you, or make fun of you but you didn't care. A lot of shit has happened to you before, making you seem emotionless and not caring. Sometimes you'd catch him looking at you and he'd pretend like he
:icongemiri:Gemiri 510 321
A Date For Shore Leave
Title: A Date For Shore Leave
Author: LilSisSyd
Game: Mass Effect Series
characters/pairing: Thane x Reader
Disclaimer: Bioware owns all things associated with the Mass Effect series. You own you. I just own the plot.

(y/n)-Your Name
(h/l)-Hair Length
(h/c)-Hair Color
(e/c)-Eye Color
(s/c)-Skin Color
(f/c)-Favorite Color
(h/t)-Hair Type
              Commander (y/n) Shepard was exhausted. The stress of fighting the Collectors was starting to show on her delicate features. Dark bags had started to show under her now tired looking (e/c) eyes, her (s/c) skin had started to pale, her (h/l), (h/t), (h/c) hair was becoming more and more unkept each day that went by……..she was running herself ragged, and this worried Thane greatly. Grunt has voiced his opinion that she’ll soon be in no position to fight very clear to the rest of the crew, but that was the least of Thane’s worries towar
:iconlilsissyd:LilSisSyd 50 39
ALVH- Henry Sturges x Reader pt 1
“Be careful” you mother called from the kitchen.
“I will” you sang as you opened the front door.
Your mother told you to go to the shop down the street; she needed a new sewing needle, a bit of cloth and some flour. It just began to drizzle as you stepped out. Not thinking it would start raining any harder you kept walking.
As you finally got there you were drenched and shivering a bit. You opened the door, and the bell rang.
“Hello there [name]” you looked over to the store owner.
“Hey Speed” you said trying not to stutter. “My mother gave me a note” you said searching the pockets of your dress; you found he paper. It was soaked and barely legible.
“Weeeeell, let’s see if I can remember…” you crossed your arms and rocked on the balls of your feet. You noticed a man putting some jars on shelves, “Hello there, Sir” you said facing the man. He was either too busy to answer you or he didn
:iconanimelover594:AnimeLover594 24 4
Honey-Senpai X Reader Sleepover: Hide and Seek!
(Kyouya:Well they say the third time, the last time.)
(Me:I DON'T CARE!!!!)
You knew these games were'nt real games,Atleast thats what you thought.
"Were gonna play..." the twins said building up the tence. "Hide and seek!!"
You jumped in the air of joy! You loved to play hide and seek , they never found you~...or they just forgot you...(hetalia!canada reference~)
While you jumped, Honey jumped with you but you forgot the fact he was hugging you and you blushed crimson red.
"Are you okay (name)-chan?~" he asked you cutely.
You just stutterd out:"E-euuh...y-yeah...thanks~ h-hehehe~"
Before you would do anything more stupid, Haruhi asked:"Who's gonna count?"
Kaoru pointed at her and said "Haruhi go count!All the rest go hide!"
Before any of you went off searching for a hiding place Hikaru said "You can hide everywhere in the house! Even in th
:iconsaylila:saylila 199 107
2p!Russia x Reader ~ Kidnapped ~
"I think I'll pick . . . Russia."
You looked around to see any movement however, you did feel as though someone were behind you. So, you turned around to see the red eyes of the tall Russian man in front of you. Even though this Russia was similar to the 1p!Russia you knew, however he was more quiet and very violent. Which then caused you to maybe rethink your choice. But, you then noticed a pair of hands on your shoulders. The two of you then exited the house and began to walk into the destination your date was taking you.
It was very quiet on the whole walk to where . . . where ever the two of you were going. The silence was making you feel nervous. You did take a few glances here and there towards the silent Russian.
. . .
Which he had seemed to ignore all together.
You gave out a sigh, which had earned you a glance from the Russian man at last. Even without words you somehow knew that he, in his own way was asking.
'What is wrong?'
You deciding to break the silence asked.
"Where ar
:iconnekolexi-chan:NekoLexi-Chan 454 198
Papa!SwedenxChild!ReaderxMama!Finland -Pt 2-
  The next day, you had woken up in between both of your new parents. They looked so peaceful in there sleep, you decided not to disturb them. Sliding from your mommy's grasp, you got out of bed and decided to explore.
  Walking out of the room, you walked towards the stairs and looked down at the living room below you through a set of wooden protection bars. A nice warm house almost seemed too good to be true.
  Scampering down the stairs, you tripped a bit and fell down. You held onto your scraped knee and let out a few pained tears from your (e/c) eyes before collecting yourself off the ground. Limping over to the couch, you pulled yourself up barely and looked at your knee.
  It was a bit bloody and scraped up. Only then did you remember the bandages on your arms and hands which were now unraveling. More tears surfaced suddenly. "O-oh no...m-mommy is gunna get mad at me..."
  You tried your best to wrap your hands back up while crying onto them. You saw an
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 241 77
Papa!LovinoxChild!Reader Chapter 5 Pasta
~~~~ 9 Years Old ~~~~
Lovino drove you to your Uncle Feliciano's house because he was going to do business stuff. You opened the car door as Lovino stopped in front of Feliciano's house. "(F/N) I want you to keep an eye on him, he can be bad at making the right choice." he say.
You nodded. "Okay papa." you say. "Love you." you add as you hoped out of the car and closed the door. He smiles and waves as he drives off. You walk up to the door and knock three times.
Feliciano answers the door quickly. He has a huge smile on his face. "Bella (F/N)!" he exclaimes as he picks you up.
You giggle. "Hello Uncle Feli." you say smiling.
He set you back down, still grinning. "So what do you want to do?" he asks. "We have about three hours before your papa comes back to get you." he adds.
You thought for a moment. "How about we make pasta?" you ask happily.
His face lit up with exciteme
:iconstarburst8987:starburst8987 68 13
Claude x Nun!Reader .Holy Sins. (Request)
~(Claude's P.O.V.)~
  I watched on the roof of these old buildings, looking for new prey to feast on in the night. In the corner of my golden eyes I spotted a woman in nun's apparel walking the streets. She looked angelic, her soul was pristine. I pushed my glasses up to the bridge of my nose and eyed her carefully. A smirk appeared on my face, this woman was purity. She has never been soiled. Perfect. She walked past the building I was standing on. Her sent tingled all my senses. My eyes turned from gold to their demon pink. I must feast on her soul. I quickly jumped from the building and landed on the side walk quietly, close behind the maiden. She walked with such ease, with her long black gown flowing behind her. The wind made her sweet sent flow to me, causing my mouth to water. 
~(Reader's P.O.V.)~
  I couldn't shake this feeling that someone was following me. I stopped and glanced behind my shoulder but saw nothing. I sighed and shook my head a littl
:icongrudgekitty:GrudgeKitty 66 20
ASYLUM (Jeff the killer x Reader) Chapter 2
Jeff took you to his home. It was a house, in an abandoned village. It appeared that most of the village had left in a hurry, as if to escape from something.
Jeff sits on the couch, a beer can in hand. You cautiously sit beside him, watching him. He moves his hair from his face, so you can see it. Your eyes widen at the long, carved smile, and lack of eyelids. However, you don't scream, or feel any fear.
"No screams?" Jeff asks. You shake your head. The raven stands, looking at you, with his white, lifeless eyes. "I suppose we'd better sort out your room, then?" Once again, you simply nod, and he indicates for you to follow him.
He leads you upstairs. There are five rooms. He points to the door at the top of the stairs.
"My room. I'll be in there, if you need me. I'd recommend knocking, first" he continues into the landing, pointing to the door on the left.
"The study room. Go in there if you need some time to yourself, to write, or... Whatever." he points to the door on the right.
:iconjeffbeyond13:JeffBeyond13 64 25
Jeff the killerXreader part 8
Jeff the killerXreader part 8
its short so yea
so, you and jeff got married.
you had two children, a boy and a girl whom you named ____________ and ______________.
but sadly, as you were mortal, you died at the age of ___________ from an uncurable disease.
jeff never forgot about you; not even once. he goes to your grave every day and gives you flowers.
jeff vowed to never love another girl again, after you passed.
but he loved yours and his children, and they ended up becoming the best killers in their time as teenagers.
all in all, you had a good, and loving life, and you regret not a single thing. nor did jeff.
:iconstickfreak:StickFreak 34 80
Jeff the killerXreader Part 7
Jeff the killerXreader Part 7
srry it took so long.
u guys are going to be suprised at what happens in this chapter XD
there is no violence,language, or sexual themes, so no warning!!!!!
Jeff's POV
i wok eup on the gorund, my face dry and sticky from tears.
i sat up and sat cross-legged. i looked down at my bloodstained hands and hoodie, and remebered the horribled massacur that i had caused only mere hours ago.
i remeber the screams as i disemboweled ________________'s parents. i shuddered.
i remebered the look of pure horror, and heart break on _______________'s face as i stabbed her in the stomach.
her tear strewn face was permantely burned into my memory.
i felt tears seep from my lidless eyes. i whipped them away angrily and gritted my teeth. "Get it together, JEFF! you'll make everything just have to wait for ______________ to come back home...."
1 month late
:iconstickfreak:StickFreak 53 108
Bully!America x Reader ~You Changed
Before I get started, Let me just say this is my first Hetalia X Reader or anything X Reader thing! So bare with me and I hope you like it! BTW I read a fanfic and it's sorta based off of it. Enjoy! And thanks if you like it! C:
If you need help and is new at this...:
(f/n)- First Name
(n/n)- Nick Name(If you don't have one, then just use your regular name)
(l/n)- Last Name
(f/c)- Fav. Color
(e/c)- Eye Color
(h/l)- Hair Length
(h/c)- Hair Color
There was a little boy, about 6, sobbing on the swings. A little girl, the same age, had approach the young boy, sitting on the swing next to him.

"Hi Alfred, what's wrong?" The girl asked the boy.

"The... the other kids... won't play with me... and are..calling me names!" He cried sniffling between spaces. The girl immediately took action and put her arm around his shoulders for comfort. "It's
:iconhisamericanprincess:HisAmericanPrincess 645 284
(request) SpainXKitten!Reader: Home
(request) SpainXKitten!Reader: home
You woke up, being in the same mood as you were in yesterday: bored. You were bored almost always, actually. Your life in the animal shelter was killing the light inside of you. Every day, you’d just wake up, eat something and lay down again to fall asleep. You and your fellow animals weren’t allowed to go outside.
A few days ago, you life weren’t as boring as it was today, because you used to have a roommate. But he went to a new home last monday, so now it was just you on your own. You actually missed Feliciano, you weird former roommate. He was annoying at times, but he never failed to amuse you when you were sad. And now he was gone. Of course you were glad that he had found a nice home now, but you were also a bit jealous.
‘... and this is _____,’ the female owner of the shelter said, pointing at you. You glared at her and the visitor. It was a young girl. She was holding a woman’s hand while staring at
:iconneopteri:Neopteri 316 244


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